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Terrorism, Media and If Gandhi would have been alive he would have been wearing "The Yellow T-Shirt"

Terrorism is a curse for any country. In this year of 2008 the entire India is facing the challenge of terrorism, the country is thinking of making new laws and passing new articles in the anti-terrorism law. Centeral Government is talking about tougher laws than POTA. Everyone is condemning terrorism but the incomplete work of terrorists is being completed by the electronic media. They are doing the job same of the terrorists.

When bomb blasts hit Delhi on last Saturday, the reaction of electronic media was awful. Their statements were to make people afraid as now it is the end of their world and sun will not rise again. And why not, this is the only way they can feed their family. For electronic Media this is the bread and butter for their family. If they will not spread the terror, who will watch the news channel, but is it okay for them to do it for their selfish reasons. Don’t they have humanity and compassion in them? Can someone ask them is this the meaning of Freedom to speech and Freedom of Media. The question is not that what they are showing, the tyranny is the way it is being displayed and the vocal tone they use to describe the story. The same thing can be said in a very smooth vocal tone which can serve the purpose of media and still people will not get afraid of it.

On the eve of Mehraully Bomb Blast, a radio channel was heard saying, people should not move out of homes and those who are not home please go home as soon as possible and at the end of the message the tune starts“ Sunte Rahiye....................... Radio Mir… - Radio Mir…, …Mir... Sun ne wale always Khush - always khush”. Can anyone ask them how long they can keep people happy with this attitude?

My brothers and sisters, please note the purpose of terrorists is not to kill the people, but to spread the terror. And the same thing is done by the electronic media but no one ever raised his/her voice against it. If media desires they can play the biggest role ever to encounter terrorists but they need to bring a lot of changes in their way of behaving at the crucial moments.

On one hand electronic media was advising people to stay at home, and on the other side their was a youth NGO, who didn’t care for their lives even and were helping people who were the victims of the bomb blasts. They are the volunteers of Yuva Pariwar Sewa Samiti(YPSS). YPSS has really shown the example of a true Indian.

They went to the sight of bomb blasts and picked people on stretchers to take them to the hospitals, which saved hundreds of lives. What if they would have been listening to the radio which urges people to go home for their safety? Many more would have died.

With not enough supporting staff in proportion to the wounded, the hospital authorities were relieved to have the Young, Enthusiastic and Active members of YPSS with them who handled the tragic situation in a Truly commendable manner.
YPSS proved its overwhelming participation by not only helping the injured to receive the medical aid but also soothing and comforting their wounded hearts with holy words of saints, telling them the real strength within and the vitality of realizing it, thus providing a powerful moral and spiritual boost up as well.

Undoubtedly it was a saga of a true, selfless and dedicated Humanitarian act.

I ask the person who was the radio jockey at that time, what if his family member would have been a victim of the bomb blast and everyone else would have been rushing to their homes and no one to take care of the wounded and victims.

Shame to those who are spreading terror for their selfish reasons!!!

Now by seeing the activities of YPSS, it can be said if Mahatma Gandhi would have been alive, he would have been serving people wearing "The Yellow T-Shirt".


  1. Great! You people are doing Great job for humitarian.Keep it up,Maharajji is with you.

  2. WoW...... It seems the sun will shine again..............

  3. You are right. Electronic Media is spreading more terror than the terrorists. Keep up the good job.

  4. Is their any solution for the terrorism? If media will not be there, how will we get the information?

  5. we are proud of you YPSS . Seemes like we will save humanity no matter what the evil plot.
    Aditi Dadra

  6. Awesome! YPPS is doing a great job for this world. I salute these youngesters of YPSS for their work.
    Guys these are the people who are the true true human being coz they all are ready to help others. And that's only possible by the self realisation.


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